Fish & Friends- Marketing Plan and Objectives

Hi everyone, we are The Random Five and here it is a brief recap of our presentation about F&F’s marketing plan!

First we analyzed the firm’s current activities:

The product range varies from fresh fish to ready to cook and pre cooked products, of medium-low price, distributed in supermarkets (and in very few of them).

Even if the company organizes some tasting events and is actually present in various social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter, other than their website), the whole advertisement campaign is poor: the customers do not know the company, nor they can easily distinguish the products among the competitors’ ones.

For this reason, Fish & Friends aims to reach the targets segments (mainly families and young people) by highlighting the strenghts of their products: high quality ingredients, innovative freezing process, healthy food as well as easy and fast preparation.

To do so, an IMC strategy is needed in order to build brand awareness: a good communication program can help the customers recognize the products’ value, and it can be developed by improving the tools that already exist (sales promotion, digital media) or by creating new ones (such as a coherent advertising campaign).

That’s all for this week! You can download the whole presentation here.

Have a nice weekend!

Giovanni, Corinna, Silvia, Anna, Se Hyun, Sonia


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