«Who scored the goal? Hmm… Pizza!»

Consider you are a manager of a football club short in money: what would you do to get funds? A curious idea has recently come from Brazil. Xiko Melo, marketing responsible of Fluminense de Feira, a small Brazilian football team of second division, have found a unique way of getting more sponsorship and bring money into the club. He got creative: if not a single big sponsor is going to cover the expenses for the entire football season, various small sponsors can afford a match. And… this is the result.



With numbers already used on the back of players’ t-shirts, the squad figures have been tweaked to mirror the price of certain goods in a local store. No longer merely number 10, star striker Fernando Sobral is now 10,98 – the cost of a special pizza deal.

These new shirts were not of much help for Fluminense de Feira to win their first brand new match, that miserably lost it 6-0 against Victoria de Bahia. We hope that loads of shampoos, sodas and pizzas have been sold after the game, though. Is a new era of advertising been started? Well, it surely made the football team famous and let people talk about it for a while…


By team Around The World (Virginia, Ekaterina, Eleonora, Giulia, Sara, Sophie)


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