Internal Analysis of Fish&Friends

This article is about the internal analysis of Fish&Friends

First we want to explain you the strengths dividing them into two categories: brand and product strengths.

As concern the brand strenghts, one  positive aspects is the fact that Fish and Friends is part of the Cam group, that is present in the fish market since the end of the ‘60s as mollusc breeder in the south lagoon of Venice. This is a strength the firm can exploit because it acts as a kind of guarantee for the distributors thanks to the consolidated notoriety of the Cam Group. Having such an innovative product gives to the the brand has the possibility to cover a unique position in the market. This is the consequence of the fact that the brand has few direct competitors in Italy; others like Findus have different payoffs.

Talking about the product’s strengths, we know that this is a new and innovative product and the price is not so high, so it is affordable also to young people. Thanks to the specific pre-cooking and conservative process, this product is fast and easy to prepare, so everyone can cook it without spending too much time and without being an expert in creating recipes. For these reasons, this kind of product results attractive to all people interested in eating a wealthy dish without spending too much money and time for it.

Referring to the weaknesses of the brand, first of all the brand is not known enough, so the firm has to work on it in order to create brand awareness; they have an agency that manages all the social media platforms, but they are not always updated and interactive. Fish and friends, from our point of view, has to implement and develop better its social image and reorginize the images of the logo, keeping the same payoff in all its social pages. We can say the same thing for what concerns the website. It is used to spread information and describe the product but it is not attractive and at the same time it doesn’t give any information on where you can find the products if you want to buy them and its blog is not updated. In addition, the firm doesn’t have a promotional department organization and they don’t have a manager that is dedicated to the marketing sector. 

Talking about the product weaknesses, people don’t know this kind of product very well and they are not aware of the quality. For this reason they’re not willing to buy it. Another negative aspect is that the packaging has a poor design and this doesn’t help people in acquiring the product.

Looking at the IMC, we can see that the firm communication doesn’t exploit all the possible tools. For example the firm doesn’t have any kind of advertising on the traditional channels as newspaper and magazines. It only advertises through the social media and the website that are, as we said before, outsourced. So it means that the firm doesn’t have a direct control on the advertisement of its products. Other elements of IMC such as sponsorship and public relation are not implemented.

The only marketing strategy used since now is the in-store promotion. The commercial manager has several times underlined the importance of this direct promotion inside the supermarket. Indeed, this type of strategy is important to overcome the diffidence of the consumers in respect of this new kind of products.

For what concerns the analysis of the previous program, since the firm hasn’t a clear implemented  marketing strategy we focused on the in-store promotion.

In particular in the last month FF organized in the pam and panorama supermarket some events where people could taste the fish. These tasting events coincide with the launch of the products in the pam distribution chain and they are inclined to propose these events again in parallel with the development of this new distribution relationship. They  are doing the same with Coop nord-ovest and unicoop Toscana focusing more about the soups. Results seem to be positive, even though they don’t have enough data to quantify them.

These promotions also lead to an improvement of the relationship with the distributor chain and their workers. With the organization of such events the expositive space dedicated to FF products inside the supermarket is expanded and also the interest of the supervisors and the workers grows. Indeed often the supervisors themselves are suspicious about  packed fish and in this way they can gain more confidence with the products.

That’s all folks!


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