PEST Analysis – Active Languages


Hi everybody, CommuniAction team here! We would like to share our presentation of the PEST analysis we made for Active Languages. You can find it in this link.

Wanna know what a PEST analysis is? Here is another link where you can find a very useful way to obtain information on the topic!

Jokes aside, there are some macro events that influence the activity of the company, first of all the change in the political and economical relationships that may affect the future conditions of the whole industry: we were thinking about Great Britain for example, but also the increasing interest that some Asian countries are showing for Italian firms, China on top.

The economic situation for the industry is very controversial: the starting point is the competitors’ reputation, thank to which private schools like Oxford School or Wall Street English are able to obtain a remarkable share of the market. On the other hand, Active Language should be able to anticipate the changing environment, with a particular focus on the emerging market (think about Brasil for example) and the increasing trend of outsourcing the activity of mediating between partners of different languages.

Furthermore, from the socio-cultural point of view, we must take into consideration the spread of low cost flights and journeys, which contribute to reduce the distance among different cultures; we think that in this context, Active Language should be able to transmit the importance to learn a new language in order to exploit the most from each travel. This mentality can be found also from the business point of view, where we can find the spread phenomenon of globalization.

Technologically speaking, the most important factor is certainly the exploitation of social media and e-learning platform, which is something that competitors have already started to do. Building a social media presence and image is crucial nowadays, and should be a part of the Social Engine Optimization practices that the firm is following.

Stay tuned for further analysis over the firm and some other interesting facts and articles seen all over the internet!

CommuniAction team


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