In-Store Promotion is NOT Dead!

It is certainly hard to see a bright future for traditional in-store promotion such as “Buy one, get one for free” campaigns that were so popular by the end of the last century, but by now have lost almost all of their appeal. Colorful packaging and eye-catching signs seem to become invisible at the tired consumer’s eyes. Everyday companies try harder  to impress the consumer, but what most of them fail to understand is that their strategy can no longer be only visual, they need  to turn EMOTIONAL.

Let’s see 4 successful in-store campaigns that managed to get the attention world-wide.

C&A’s “Fashion Like” in Brazil                                                    

Real time facebook “likes” are displayed on the retailer’s clothes racks showing you how popular the dress you are about to buy is. This is a clear example of how the in-store experience can successfully integrate with the online community. The key element of the strategy is showing the popularity and social appreciation of each garment, that should encourage customers to buy the product.

Selfridges’ “The Quiet Shop” in the UK


Especially in certain periods of the year, such as Christmas or sales, shopping can definitely become a stressful and unpleasant activity. All shops are really crowded, noisy and there is so much chaos all around. In order the improve the in-store experience, Selfridges created a specific area in its stores called “The Quite Shop”. Before accessing it, customers are invited to take off their shoes and to turn off their mobile phones. This relaxing anti-noise campaign together with the strong customers orientation that characterizes the shop seem to be really appreciated by English customers.

COCO-MAT’s “Free Naps” in New York


To all visitors of the shop Coco Mat offers the possibility to take a 2-hours nap and welcomes them, as they wake up, with a fresh orange juice, all for free. The idea is to make visitors feel as comfortable as at home, to invite them to come back again in the shop and to generate engagement. No need to say that such a campaign has easily gone viral and it has attracted more visitors, increasing sales.

Vitasnella (Danone) “Grab the Lightness” in Milan

Vitasnella has always been promoted as the first and the lightest yogurt on the Italian market, but recently many competitors introduced their versions of light yogurt and Danone needed a way to differentiate its offer. This highly innovative systems allows the yogurt to literally fluctuate on the shelf, surprising customers and generating engagement. This shelf positioning can both be seen as way to show the lightness, which is the main value of Vitasnella’s products, but also, implicitly, as a way to position Vitasnella “above the competitors”. 

Click here to experience some lightness!

By Brand Managers


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