Written exam grades

The final score of the written exam has been posted on the system.

Should you wish to see your test (part 2), it is possible to do so ONLY on 31 May at 12:30-13:30 (after the oral part for non-attending students – Meeting room of Department of Management, first floor C2 building) writing an email in advance or commenting under this post.

EXPERIOR projects – group grades


GROUP NAME                   POINTS

  • Alfa Experior                 2
  • Around The World       2
  • Brand Managers           2
  • Ca’ Branders                  3
  • CommuniAction           3
  • Elements2                      3
  • Fisherman’s Friends    2
  • Global Group                 2
  • InnoVE                           3
  • The Internationals        1
  • The Random Five          2
  • Victorious                       1

The points are valid only by the academic year 2016/17, ie. the exam must be taken by September 2017 in order to be added to the final grade of the written exam.

Global Group – The end

Hello everybody!

Now that the course has ended, we would like to share some personal comments regarding the Experior Project we’ve been working on as a group during the last few months.

From the beginning, the project gave us a lot of motivation, because for the first time we were asked to show in a practical way what we had learned during the course, acting like real consultants who were asked to give marketing and communication advices directly to the companies.

It wasn’t easy to immediately identify the problems that the company was facing: we had to attend classes to gain the right tools for marketing and communication, we had to contact the CEO of the company we were working on in order to gain a deeper understanding of the situation, and we also had to frequently meet together to exchange views and ideas.

Working on the project wasn’t easy, especially because most of us had a background in Linguistics and very little experience with marketing, but using our skills, our abilities and the knowledge we had acquired in class, we managed to come up with a final presentation we were proud of.

In conclusion, in spite of all the difficulties we went through, we’re happy we have been part of such an interesting project. It was an educational and challenging experience we would like to recommend to all the future students.

It’s been a pleasure,
Global Group

It was a great pleasure

Only today, two weeks after the Experior Project’s exposure, and after long and intense study days, we can finally realize how successful this collaboration between University and companies was.

We could see that after our advice, Thea, CEO of ACTIVE LANGUAGES, evaluated and decided to continue with the collaboration beyond what could be a mere university group work.

This for us means not only that what was initially a home-made task turned out to be a real team work, but above all that the suggested result was up to the expectations of the company.

The adventure never ends.

Congratulations to all!

We would like to thank professors Hu and Vescovi, and tutor Rizzo for giving us all of the help!

Thank you all and good luck for tomorrow!!


Alfa Experior


This is it!

Foto 05-05-17, 14 29 03

After hard working weeks we are finally arrived at the end of the Experior Project! Congratulations to all!

This experience was a perfect opportunity to put into practice the notions learned during the course, but above all, to work in team. In fact, we strongly believe that the ability to work with others is one the most important and useful skills for our future careers.

We cannot deny that there were some difficult moments too. It was not easy to deal with a real case and to come up with a feasible solution on which everybody agrees. At the beginning we had many ideas in mind, but right then we had to deal with reality. After struggling a bit and discussing a lot, we did it!

We would also like to thank Fish&Friends, professors Hu and Vescovi, and tutor Rizzo for giving us this opportunity!

Thank you all and good luck!!


Annalisa, Caterina, Costanza, Daryna, Elisa and Veronica



It’s been two weeks since the Experior project presentation of Branding and Communication at Ca’Foscari, an experience that involved 12 groups of students coming from all over Veneto, Italy and the world, the two professors Vescovi and Hu, and tutor Rizzo, as well as two companies that needed our help.

Around The World (that’s the name of our group) is a remind of our different nationalities, in particular Italy, Russia, Germany, France and Korea. Probably we would’ve never met without this opportunity Ca’Foscari University gave us. Too different cultures and languages to get together someone may say, but each one of us tried their best to handle the ‘quietly silent’ English of Sara, the ‘bossy’ Virginia, the ‘almost never’ present Eleonora (that helped from distance, though), the ‘picky’ Giulia, the ‘I’ve got a call’ Sophie and the ‘peaceful’ Katja.

We are all glad we have worked together, learning the meaning of being in a group, and see with our own eyes the problems a real firm faces. In our case, we had the opportunity to work for Thea, the CEO of Active Languages, a really nice and kind woman with a lot to give to the world. We would like to thank Ms. Gardellin for her patience and the touching speech she gave us at the end of the event. We hope she will get the best out of all the six groups and remember all our efforts when her business will be one of the most important in the sector!

We never imagined that the Experior project would be such a big event, and we kind of regret we didn’t do more than just a poster and a short report. We were newbie and this is what the tutor told us to do, but next time we will come more prepared, competitive and determined… watch out!

Good luck for the exam of tomorrow to all the brave ones!

Around The World

Our Experior Project – Team InnoVE

In a few meaningful keywords, we would like to express what the Experior Project experience has been for us:

  • challenge

Which are the main company problems? Which are the ones that matter most? How can we solve them thinking out of the box?

  • team building

Working together, collaborating and sharing ideas to find solutions.

  • active learning

Putting into practice the notions we went over in class.

  • self-awareness

Confronting a real case has improved our capabilities and adjusted our attitudes by pushing us not only into developing new skills, but also into facing our weakness and exploiting our strengths. Moreover, we could learn how things are actually done in the “real world” – or at least we think and hope so.

InnoVe Team.JPG


In conclusion, we would like to thank Ca’ Foscari University, our professors and Fish and Friends for the support and the collaboration.


Alida Carli, Riccardo Daidone, Camilla Maggio, Anna Peron, Giulia Pretto, Elena Rizzo



After the final presentation,we had the chance to rethink about the experience we have gained during the experior project. We worked for months on Active Languages and, as a group, we all feel satisfied with the final outcome.

The Experior project gave us the opportunity to experience for the first time a “real” case by trying to solve problems of a real firm. Along the way, we learnt to stand on our own feet, to generate ideas, implement them and especially to believe in such ideas. It wasn’t easy sometimes, but the passion and enthusiasm that Mrs Gardellin transmitted (to) us inspired our group to find possible solutions for improving her firm. In this respect, we really appreciated the support that Thea Gardellin showed us during this project and we would like to thank her for being always available for information and clarifications. We were touched by the speech she gave after the presentations because she seemed to trust our work and the ideas proposed.

We also would like to thank prof. Vescovi for organizing such project, prof. Hu for the guidelines provided in class and the tutor Giorgio Rizzo for the support.

In order to approach the problem we started from a competitive analysis in order to have an idea about the industry in which Active Languages was operating. Then, we focused on the main channel that the firm uses to reach its potential clients. By putting ourselves into the shoes of a potential client we quickly understood that finding out what Active Languages is about just by looking at its website is really difficult. Our proposed solution rotates around the idea that it is necessary to effectively communicate the company’s values in order to guarantee an effective positioning. The proposed solution finds its main strengths in its quick implementation and its low cost. In fact, we primarily focused on existing communication channels and we mainly gave advice on how to give a more professional and effective image. We tried to propose a sound solution which purposely did not aim to amaze the CEO. It was a more thoughtful approach to ensure a quick and effective position in order to reach in the shortest amount of time the targeted customers. Our strategy aims at quickly attacking the main weaknesses of the firm in order to set the bases for a more structured strategy.