Competitive analysis (Fish&Friends)

Good morning! Our group Internationals is happy to publicize a material  about competitive analysis for Fish&Friends.

There are some main competitors of Fish&Friends. Firstly, Findus is a frozen food brand which was sold at the first time in Sweden in 1945. In 1963 Nestlé and Unilever formed a frozen foods joint venture in Italy, which sold products under the Findus name. Unilever acquired Nestle’s stake in the joint venture in 1985, giving it full ownership of the Findus brand in Italy. The Italian Findus includes four Salti in Padella (literally “four jumps in a pan”, Italian for “stir frying”), a microwavable or easy cooking version of classic Italian dishes, such as carbonara, amatriciana and tagliatelle al ragù. Secondly, ESCA is the first company in Italy which specializes on packaging frozen seafood for supermarkets.  Thirdly, NAI. This company sells fresh seafood from Italian city and frozen goods from another countries. Another one is Tagliapietra. This company imports Norwegian dried cod, cod from Denmark and directly from local producers in the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

Observing a communication strategy of competitors, they use a combination of personal and nonpersonal communication channels: personal selling and word-of-mouth marketing when people taste product and then share their emotions with others and give recommendations. Another style of communication is social nets: Facebook, Instagram posts, Youtube where companies can collaborate with customers, publicize information and show receipts on Instagram and Youtube.

Here is our presentation: Fish&Friends Competitive Analysis


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