Receiver’s response – Active Languages

adeleHi again everybody, CommuniAction team here! This is the link where you can find our presentation about the receiver’s response for Active Language.

Let us give you a brief explanation of what it is (no jokes this time, we promise :). The response of the receiver is how a potential consumer reacts in front of the message provided by the sender. One thing must be said: the probability that what the sender wants to communicate and what the receiver understands coincide is very low. Most of the time there is a discrepancy between the two, but an efficient communication aims at reducing this difference as much as possible.

For Active Language there is something that we are not worried about, even though we didn’t experience that personally: the broadness of the services offered and the high professionalism of the teachers have a huge contribution in increasing the total quality of their job, given also the effort and the motivation that can be perceived in every single action of Thea (the founder). What is missing, however, is an efficient way to let the people know this dedication and quality: the message delivered lacks consistency and substance to strike the receiver.

For a deeper analysis and for the whole presentation, check the link above. We pointed out the main features of the communication channels used by the school, the learning model that we think is followed by the potential and actual customers and the response process they be subject of.

We would like to end this post by saying that we feel super wound up by tomorrow’s presentation, ready and excited to welcome Active Language’s team and show our work, beyond listening what our classmates have been working on during this challenging 3 months.

Stay tuned for updates, and see you tomorrow!

CommuniAction team


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