It was a great pleasure

Only today, two weeks after the Experior Project’s exposure, and after long and intense study days, we can finally realize how successful this collaboration between University and companies was.

We could see that after our advice, Thea, CEO of ACTIVE LANGUAGES, evaluated and decided to continue with the collaboration beyond what could be a mere university group work.

This for us means not only that what was initially a home-made task turned out to be a real team work, but above all that the suggested result was up to the expectations of the company.

The adventure never ends.

Congratulations to all!

We would like to thank professors Hu and Vescovi, and tutor Rizzo for giving us all of the help!

Thank you all and good luck for tomorrow!!


Alfa Experior



Looking forward the funnel

Dear all,


We’ve recently found this article that talks about a more sophisticated approach that is required to help marketers navigate in the consumer’s environment, which is less linear and more complicated than the funnel suggests.

“Marketing has always sought those moments, or touch points when consumers are open to influence.

Developing a deep knowledge of how consumers make decisions is the first step. For most marketers, the difficult part is focusing strategies and spending on the most influential touch points.

To look beyond funnel-inspired push marketing, companies must invest in vehicles that let marketers interact with consumers as they learn about brands.

The shift in consumer decision making means that marketers need to adjust their spending and to view the change not as a loss of power over consumers but as an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, giving them the information and support they need to make the right decisions.”

Here you can find the full article.

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How Delta’s Focus on Customer Experience Turned a Bankrupt Airline Into a Powerhouse Brand

Dear all,

today we’ve found the interesting case of Delta, Eleven years after filing for bankruptcy in 2005, Delta recorded record profits in 2016 while receiving kudos from inside and outside the industry, landing on lists for customer affinity and best places to work.

How they are able to do this?

Here’s how Delta built a powerhouse brand, and how its Atlanta roots have contributed to its success:


  • Sharing the love

    Throughout its history, Delta has followed the adage that “happy employees equal happier customers.”

  • Southern hospitality

    “There’s no doubt that being Southern brings this airline an aura of hospitality,”

  • Experience counts

    Improve the customer experience. Since it acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008, Delta has been on a mission to reinvent air travel, upgrading the in-flight experience with better food, craft beer and more movies on flights. In February, it introduced free in-flight meals in 10 domestic markets as part of its investment in improving the onboard experience.

“The challenge is to make every customer feel like one in 180 million versus one of 180 million.”

Here the full article.

Alfa Experior



We are Alfa experior and we are working with Active Languages. Our mission is to find a way to help and promote their business and reach more clients like firms.

Starting with what are the main strengths and weaknesses we’ve analyzed the current Website, the Target marketing and the Customer’s expectations.


  • The main topic is not clear;
  • Internet → facebook, website company-created (not constantly updated);
  • There are not any news on newspaper, magazines or radio;
  • The company offers some events but they have to be more focused on the offers proposed by the company.
  • Suggestions: improving the website (promotional video, reviews of clients, better descriptions of team members and direct contact with them),


  • For privates: we suggest more promotional activity on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), direct marketing (flyers), advertisement on magazines/newspapers, radio, guerrilla marketing (song and its translation).
  • for companies: we suggest a partnership with important fairs for interpretation/courses promotion, also banners and web advertising, high position on search engines using keywords.

Finally, we’re focused on the role of IMC


  • The IMC role is crucial: since the company doesn’t provide for essential services, the communication strategy is the only way to distinguish from competitors in a market which is full of similar offers. It helps to underline the main strengths and communicate objectives and purposes.

Take a look at our short presentation – Alfa Experior (1) – and leave a comment below.

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