After the final presentation,we had the chance to rethink about the experience we have gained during the experior project. We worked for months on Active Languages and, as a group, we all feel satisfied with the final outcome.

The Experior project gave us the opportunity to experience for the first time a “real” case by trying to solve problems of a real firm. Along the way, we learnt to stand on our own feet, to generate ideas, implement them and especially to believe in such ideas. It wasn’t easy sometimes, but the passion and enthusiasm that Mrs Gardellin transmitted (to) us inspired our group to find possible solutions for improving her firm. In this respect, we really appreciated the support that Thea Gardellin showed us during this project and we would like to thank her for being always available for information and clarifications. We were touched by the speech she gave after the presentations because she seemed to trust our work and the ideas proposed.

We also would like to thank prof. Vescovi for organizing such project, prof. Hu for the guidelines provided in class and the tutor Giorgio Rizzo for the support.

In order to approach the problem we started from a competitive analysis in order to have an idea about the industry in which Active Languages was operating. Then, we focused on the main channel that the firm uses to reach its potential clients. By putting ourselves into the shoes of a potential client we quickly understood that finding out what Active Languages is about just by looking at its website is really difficult. Our proposed solution rotates around the idea that it is necessary to effectively communicate the company’s values in order to guarantee an effective positioning. The proposed solution finds its main strengths in its quick implementation and its low cost. In fact, we primarily focused on existing communication channels and we mainly gave advice on how to give a more professional and effective image. We tried to propose a sound solution which purposely did not aim to amaze the CEO. It was a more thoughtful approach to ensure a quick and effective position in order to reach in the shortest amount of time the targeted customers. Our strategy aims at quickly attacking the main weaknesses of the firm in order to set the bases for a more structured strategy.


In-Store Promotion is NOT Dead!

It is certainly hard to see a bright future for traditional in-store promotion such as “Buy one, get one for free” campaigns that were so popular by the end of the last century, but by now have lost almost all of their appeal. Colorful packaging and eye-catching signs seem to become invisible at the tired consumer’s eyes. Everyday companies try harder  to impress the consumer, but what most of them fail to understand is that their strategy can no longer be only visual, they need  to turn EMOTIONAL.

Let’s see 4 successful in-store campaigns that managed to get the attention world-wide. Continue reading