This is it!

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After hard working weeks we are finally arrived at the end of the Experior Project! Congratulations to all!

This experience was a perfect opportunity to put into practice the notions learned during the course, but above all, to work in team. In fact, we strongly believe that the ability to work with others is one the most important and useful skills for our future careers.

We cannot deny that there were some difficult moments too. It was not easy to deal with a real case and to come up with a feasible solution on which everybody agrees. At the beginning we had many ideas in mind, but right then we had to deal with reality. After struggling a bit and discussing a lot, we did it!

We would also like to thank Fish&Friends, professors Hu and Vescovi, and tutor Rizzo for giving us this opportunity!

Thank you all and good luck!!


Annalisa, Caterina, Costanza, Daryna, Elisa and Veronica


Receiver’s response – Fish&Friends

The Response Hierarchy Model that best fits with Fish&Friends’ products is the Innovation Adoption Model. It shows the stages a consumer passes through in adopting a new product or service and Fish&Friends offers a new typology of products, absent in the market until now. The challenge is to create awareness and interest among consumers and try to convince them to evaluate the products favourably.

Inn adoption model

Awareness. In this phase the potential consumer is simply aware the new product exists and this awareness is driven by sources outside the community and by tacit source of information. It is a very passive stage.  Continue reading

Humor and Advertising

IdealPesca adv2

Have you already decided what to do tonight? We would like to make a suggestion (even if it is not Valentine’s Day)!

When created and executed properly, humor in advertising improves customer’s attention and awareness in regard to a product. However, it can be very difficult to pull off.

This advertising made by IdealPesca shows how humor can be used to sell products even in the fish industry.

Environmental analysis: PEST

This article is about environmental analysis of the fishing industry in Italy. It focuses on the four factors of the PEST analysis: Political, Economical, Social and Technological.


P – Political

The fishing industry in Italy, as well as in Europe, is regulated by many laws. In the 70’s the European Union established a set of rules, applicable to all member States, called “Common Fisheries Policy”, whose last version was written in 2014. The law has been issued in order to promote equilibrium and sustainable fishing, in a direction of rational use of fishing resources. Moreover, the Mediterranean States have stipulated a cooperation to control the fishing in the Mediterranean sea.  Continue reading