Experience recap- The Random Five

Good afternoon everyone, we are The Random Five team… for one last time!

We have indeed reached the end of this journey, passing through nice and bad moments, but all of them helped us to improve ourselves, as students and as marketers.

It was not easy for us to find a solution, especially because we are still naïve and unexperienced, but as we moved through each step we felt as we grew up a little bit every time, and that we were able to put into practice the concepts we learned during the lessons.

Furthermore, since we didn’t know each other at the beginning of the activity, we end up meeting new people and learning how to work with them, discovering each other’s opinions and ideas. For this reason, the most amazing part was finding an idea all together, and then seeing it develop, grow up and become a real project, which has at the end been presented to the company.

We are thankful for the opportunity we have been given, and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

We wish everyone good luck with the exams, and a nice summertime!

Giovanni, Corinna, Silvia, Anna, Seo Hyun, Sonia

P.S. The two PDF files of our WIP presentation can be downloaded here: first and second


Fish & Friends- Analysis Of Promotional Program Situation

To better understand the consumers’ perspective on fish consumption and habits our team The Random Five, prepared a brief questionnaire that was submitted to more than 200 people: this is a brief recap of the results.

1- What is your gender?

Male: 40.8%

Female: 59.2%

2- What is your age?

10-20: 11.2%

20-30: 68.6%

30-40: 11.2%

40-60: 5.3%

More than 60: 3.6%

3- What is your job?

Freelancer: 10.1%

Manager: 0%

Employee: 28.4%

Student: 51.5%

Unemployed: 5.3%

Other: 4.7%

4- Where do you come from?

Northern Italy: 87.6%

Middle Italy: 5.9%

Southern Italy: 3%

Other European country: 1.8%

Outside Europe: 1.8%

5- In your opinion, which are the most important features when buying fish?

Ingredients: 13.6%

Origin: 53.3%

Visual impact (packaging, freshness, etc.): 59.8%

Quality certificates: 35.5%

Preparation time: 9.5%

Other: 5.3%

6- How much does the price influence your quality perception? (Ex. Do you often think that the cheaper the product, the worse its quality?)

I don’t care: 6.5%

Almost nothing: 8.3%

Little: 48.5%

Quite a lot: 30.2%

A lot: 6.5%

7- How often do you eat fish (both at home and outside)?

Once a month: 8.3%

Twice a month: 14.2%

Thrice a month: 25.4%

More than three times a month: 47.9%

Never: 4.1%

8- How often do you cook fish?

Once a month: 21.3%

Twice a month: 12.4%

Thrice a month: 13.6%

More than three times a month: 31.4%

Never: 21.3%

9- If you eat or cook fish less than two times a month, why?

Too expensive: 21.4%

Lack of time: 31.4%

I don’t like it/I prefer other products: 17.1%

I don’t know how to cook it/I’m not informed: 28.6%

I’m not used to it: 28.6%

Other: 4.3%

10- Where do you usually buy fish?

Supermarket: 62.7%

Fish shop/Market: 58.6%

Delicatessen: 2.4%

Other: 3.6%

11- Which kind of fish products do you more frequently buy?

Fresh fish: 77.5%

Frozen fish: 49.1%

Ready-made fish (sauces, soups, etc.): 15.4%

Other: 2.4%

12- Who usually buys fish in your family unit?

Me: 37.3%

My partner: 9.5%

Children: 0.6%

Parents: 69.2%

Grandparents: 4.7%

Other: 1.2%

13- Where do you usually eat fish?

Family environment: 81.1%

At the restaurant: 41.4%

Other: 2.4%

14- How much time, in average, do you spend to prepare the meals?

Ten minutes: 13.6%

Half an hour: 55%

More than half an hour: 31.4%

15- What encourages you to try a new product (not only fish)?

Suggestions from friends/family/etc.: 59.2%

Advertising and promotion: 18.3%

Visual impact (appearance, ingredients, etc.): 54.4%

Seller/retailer: 7.7%

Other: 1.2%

To conclude, we discussed some characteristics of the market in which the company performs: a growing market with low competition, focused on mass distribution channels. While the product is pretty much unique in its idea, and therefore it does not have direct competitors, the market is confused, with many brands that share more or less the same features. For this reason, the consumers do not perceive the brand, and basically do not know it. In the picture, the red circle represents where Fish & Friends would like to position in the future: 

You can download our whole presentation here. Thanks for reading!

Giovanni, Corinna, Silvia, Anna, Seo Hyun, Sonia

Fish & Friends- Marketing Plan and Objectives

Hi everyone, we are The Random Five and here it is a brief recap of our presentation about F&F’s marketing plan!

First we analyzed the firm’s current activities:

The product range varies from fresh fish to ready to cook and pre cooked products, of medium-low price, distributed in supermarkets (and in very few of them).

Even if the company organizes some tasting events and is actually present in various social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter, other than their website), the whole advertisement campaign is poor: the customers do not know the company, nor they can easily distinguish the products among the competitors’ ones.

For this reason, Fish & Friends aims to reach the targets segments (mainly families and young people) by highlighting the strenghts of their products: high quality ingredients, innovative freezing process, healthy food as well as easy and fast preparation.

To do so, an IMC strategy is needed in order to build brand awareness: a good communication program can help the customers recognize the products’ value, and it can be developed by improving the tools that already exist (sales promotion, digital media) or by creating new ones (such as a coherent advertising campaign).

That’s all for this week! You can download the whole presentation here.

Have a nice weekend!

Giovanni, Corinna, Silvia, Anna, Se Hyun, Sonia