“Van Gogh BnB”

One of the most successful advertising campaigns of 2016, launched by the Art Institute of Chicago and winner of 16 Cannes Lions.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago



Class materials and adv campaigns – week 2


Under ISA materials, the presentations of this week’s lessons are now available:

  • Communications objectives & budget
  • Creative strategy – first part.

This week, we analyzed some memorable advertising campaigns, including:

  • Nike, from the launch of the slogan “Just Do it™” (1988) to “Tag” (2002);
  • David Ogilvy’s campaigns: Schweppes Commander Whitehead, Hathaway Man, Rolls Royce, Dove;
  • Leo Burnett’s campaigns: from last century’s most important adv icons (Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger, and Marlboro Man) to a multi-Cannes Lions winner from last year, “Van Gogh the Bedroom”; and
  • Bill Bernbach’s campaigns: Levi’s Jewish rye, Volkswagen Think small, and Avis We Try Harder.

What was the advertising campaign of this week that you enjoyed the most?