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This is it, it’s over. Sad CommuniAction team here. Super happy for what we have been through these months, we had great fun and we have learnt so much. Thank you all for making this experience memorable and unique. It all ended very well, and we were enthusiast to put in practice all the theory we have been analysing in class, until that step that will never be taught by books: the human contact, and the knowledge that, although not having changed the world, we all have certainly made someone’s day much brighter.

Still moved by the words left by miss Thea, CEO of that Active Languages we have been working for, we certainly don’t want to end this with tears and melancholy, so have this 1-minute sum up video of the Experior Day. Enjoy!

CommuniAction team




We are Alfa experior and we are working with Active Languages. Our mission is to find a way to help and promote their business and reach more clients like firms.

Starting with what are the main strengths and weaknesses we’ve analyzed the current Website, the Target marketing and the Customer’s expectations.


  • The main topic is not clear;
  • Internet → facebook, website company-created (not constantly updated);
  • There are not any news on newspaper, magazines or radio;
  • The company offers some events but they have to be more focused on the offers proposed by the company.
  • Suggestions: improving the website (promotional video, reviews of clients, better descriptions of team members and direct contact with them),


  • For privates: we suggest more promotional activity on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), direct marketing (flyers), advertisement on magazines/newspapers, radio, guerrilla marketing (song and its translation).
  • for companies: we suggest a partnership with important fairs for interpretation/courses promotion, also banners and web advertising, high position on search engines using keywords.

Finally, we’re focused on the role of IMC


  • The IMC role is crucial: since the company doesn’t provide for essential services, the communication strategy is the only way to distinguish from competitors in a market which is full of similar offers. It helps to underline the main strengths and communicate objectives and purposes.

Take a look at our short presentation – Alfa Experior (1) – and leave a comment below.

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